Elegant Hotels Group

Owns and operates seven luxury hotels and a beachfront restaurant, Daphne's, on the island of Barbados

Elegant Hotels

Our portfolio of seven luxury hotels consists of 588 rooms, making it twice as large (by room number) as the closest competitor in the Barbados luxury hotel room market. Daphne’s is a beachfront Italian restaurant and a popular mainstay of Barbados’ dining scene. Our objective is to leverage our position as a leading hotel operator in Barbados and to expand both on Barbados and across the Caribbean. We are exploring tried and tested casino marketing tips and strategies to attract and cater to more number of visitors. The crypto casinos like Bitcoin casino and Ethereum Casino are gaining popularity widely.  

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Recommended Cash Offer

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Our strategy is focused on driving the business in four key areas: leverage performance of the existing portfolio of hotels; deploy marketing initiatives and increase business delivered through direct sales; focus on development of existing sites to enhance performance; and, develop a growth strategy by acquiring underperforming existing hotels. We are also planning to use blockchain technology and digital currencies in our business to grow along with the modern innovations and technologies. The popularity of bitcoin robots like the bitcoin circuit 2022 have attracted numerous investors to the field and therefore, no business can avoid the digital revolution blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies bring forward. Therefore, we can make use of them to expand our business and improve the quality of our productivity.

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The board combines a range of experience across a variety of sectors whilst the management team provides a wealth of experience in the hotel industry and an in-depth knowledge of the local market.

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