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5 Essential Things To Know About Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are the zenith of the hotel industry. "Luxury" and "5 star" hotel have become the same term over the years. However, it has become clear that the definition of a luxury hotel is not exclusively tied to ratings. Here are some essential things to understand about luxury hotels.

No standard rating system is available for luxury hotels

The fact that no standard rating system to objectively classify high end hotels exists is something travelers need to first understand. Just because a hotel merits 5 stars, don't assume it is a luxury accommodation. Depending upon the country you visit, those 5 stars could be more of an assurance of minimal guest expectations rather than the caliber of facilities or services offered by the hotel. For example, the hotel industry has made widespread use of 6 and 7 stars rather than the more familiar 5 stars. A rating of five, six or seven stars indicates a luxurious hotel.

They tend to cost more than hotels

Although price is not the only consideration for a luxury hotels,but it is undeniable that luxury hotels cost much more compared to most other accommodations. Luxury hotels are more expensive than standard accommodations because they cater to the upscale market. Cheaper hotels does not offer the accommodations that you pay for in luxury hotels. If you find a hotel with a day rate of around $250 or more, most cities will consider that to be a luxury hotel.

You will find that luxury chains tend to keep with company standards that are very uniform

Any hotel can claim to be a luxury hotel, so it can get confusing when all these luxury hotels people see are completely different. Luxury hotel chains are a good option since these hospitality corporations follow prescribed standards set within the company.

Something that sets luxury hotels apart from cheap hotels is the fact that they tend to place great value on their guests' entire hotel experience

Many luxury hoteliers would say that the guest experience is key in the product or services they are offering. Luxury hotels take care of the guests in an unique way by providing wide range of facilities so that gusts comes once again to the hotel.

Hotels with luxury commendations are becoming more accessible

The definition of luxury is dynamic and ever-changing, and recently, luxury hotels have become more accessible as more consumers enjoy greater disposable income. Many brand extensions have been created by hotel brands to bring customers a comparable luxury experience at a lower price point. On top of this, boutique hotels have utilized luxury labels to create their own accommodations, but these are sold at the same reasonable prices.

Consider what you find luxurious, because different hotels have different criteria for a luxury rating; you may want quiet, it may be a family hotel; you may want a gym, it may have just a swimming pool, and so on.

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